July 22, 2019

Is Your Institution Not Getting the Attention It Deserves? Let's Change That.


It's every financial institution's worst nightmare: you sign up for service with a software provider or vendor, hoping for a great experience. You're excited about the software, and looking for a chance to grow your business and meet your objectives. You're also looking forward to getting the tailored, customized attention you need to launch your new system.

Instead, you get left out in the cold. It's nothing like you expected, and you're not sure where to go from here. Even big-name providers don't often provide the attention, assistance, and support financial institutions crave. It's a frustrating yet common situation.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this neglect and to get the functionality and support you deserve from your software vendor. Let's dive in.

Why Software Providers Fail

The reasons financial institutions are disappointed with software providers and vendors vary. Mostly, however, it's because the providers only care about their most prominent clients—the ones who make them the most money. This means that, if you're a smaller or community bank, you don't get the help, attention, or assistance you need. You're already working hard to compete with the big banks, and this unfair treatment makes the playing field even more uneven. 

A More Personal Relationship is Possible

When it comes to partnerships with a financial software provider, it is possible to get the attention you need and deserve. The problem, however, is that most banks don't even know what that looks like. Here are a few traits of a positive vendor/institution relationship:

  • a dedicated customer service rep who exists to support you and help you get what you need;
  • educational opportunities, including regular webinars and training;
  • regular in-person visits to the bank to see how things are going;
  • annual conferences for clients to network with other bankers, get more training, learn about industry trends, and more.

While these elements may seem simple, they're the services that create great relationships and support an excellent ongoing experience. You deserve this kind of personal service from your software vendor, no matter how large or small your financial institution may be.

FPS GOLD: Your New Go-To Partner

Here at FPS GOLD, our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best customer experience possible. We give financial institutions the attention and personal touch you deserve. To FPS GOLD, our clients are family—and we make a point to treat them like it.

When you join our family, you get access to a wide selection of banking features. This includes our CIM GOLD® Core Banking solution, which is designed to reduce the time you spend on data processing, offer more flexibility, and improve your productivity. We also offer convenient online and mobile banking, mobile deposit features, an enterprise-level wire transfer system, and powerful content management.

As if the features weren't enough, there's also our world-class support to consider. FPS GOLD is dedicated to helping financial institutions grow their businesses and take an active role in their communities. Thanks to this focus, we boast a 260% average annual growth rate for our clients and $2.1 billion average asset size.

When it comes to your software vendor, you can't afford to compromise. FPS GOLD is here to help you compete, profit, and thrive by offering the personalized service you need and being the team you can count on, no matter what. Ready to learn more? Request more information today.

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