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A General Ledger System That Tracks Finances Your Way

Whether you're managing complex transactions, monitoring multiple accounts, or needing detailed reporting, our general ledger molds to your institution's specific requirements.

Key Features of Our General Ledger System


User Friendliness

Our system was designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. With smart search, you can perform tasks quicker than ever. Start typing and the system will auto-populate options that match what you type. Then select what you want.



Every institution is different, so our system allows you to customize reports, screens, calculations, color schemes, layout, column order, sorting, filtering, and more. This way the system is tailored to your accounting workflow.


Quick Maintenance

View multiple accounts and transactions at once. Then easily search, add, remove, or change anything that needs updating. Save your changes and everything will update instantly.


Real-Time Posting

No longer do you have to wait until the end of the day to post new entries. Now you can post in real-time and as many times as you want. View updated changes to reports in an instant.


Robust Security

G/L Platinum lets you customize roles for different employees and users. It gives them permission to perform specified tasks like running reports, viewing screens, making changes, submitting approvals, and much more.


Information Drill Down

In many places throughout the system, you can drill down into the transaction details from the report or screen that you're on. This reduces the need to jump around the system as you conduct your research.


G/L Entry Upload

Take your pre-existing spreadsheets and import them right into the G/L. When importing, the system will automatically map to the existing columns in the spreadsheet. Then edit, add, or remove any entries before posting to the G/L.


Excel Export

Pull large reports in a second and then download them straight to Excel. This is great for board meetings or when auditors or examiners are at your institution and need to see reports.


Seamless Integration

Onboarding typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. Steps for onboarding include hands-on training, data and security setup, disaster recovery, and more. Institutions that convert to G/L Platinum can continue to use the same financial reports that they're used to seeing.

What Customers Say About Our General Ledger System

  • "Our move to G/L Platinum was easy and enjoyable. The FPS GOLD team did a great job in the conversion. The system is so intuitive that I believe most could figure it out on their own without any training. Drop-down boxes of our many accounts, smart search, along with the on-screen balancing are features that save our staff many minutes a day.  Minutes saved means greater productivity and lower operating costs. "
  • "I love the versatility that G/L Platinum has to offer. The ability to have multiple tabs open and flip back and forth between functions is great!  And the ability to download at the click of a button makes my work life easier and quicker when researching."

How It Works


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Get tailored pricing that's structured to your needs and nothing more.

3. Enjoy

Watch your institution compete, profit, and thrive.

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