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Wire Transfer Software Built for Modern Banking

Ditch the manual headaches and automate your wire process for smoother operations and happier customers.

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Upgrade Your Wire System Without Switching Providers

Stay loyal to your core, digital banking, and correspondent bank providers, and still get the exceptional wire transfer solution you've been waiting for. 

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What Customers Say About Our Wire Transfer Platform

  • "★★★★★ - Lifesaver for financial institutions! As the leader for Payments at Suncoast Credit Union, I can't emphasize enough how much EFT GOLD from FPS GOLD has revolutionized our wire operations. Its seamless integration to our core system was truly impressive, leading to substantial cost savings for us—not to mention that its user-friendly interface makes it a breeze for anyone to use. Having the ability to process domestic and foreign wires in the same system has saved our credit union thousands of man-hours annually. Being Web-based, it gives me the ability to manage wires from anywhere, anytime—a feature I absolutely love. The ability to set up custom rules and alerts, coupled with robust reporting, has elevated our efficiency and security to a whole new level. I wholeheartedly recommend EFT GOLD!"
    Brandie Forrester
    Payments Director | Suncoast Credit Union

Key Features of Our Wire Transfer Software


Compliant and ISO 20022 Ready

Compliance is one of our many top priorities. We tirelessly enhance our wire system to ensure it not only meets but exceeds compliance standards, while being fully ISO 20022 ready.



Empower your employees to create and manage wire transfers with unprecedented ease. Thanks to our responsive design, your team can securely access our wire system using any browser on any device. This ensures seamless accessibility and convenience.


Any Core Integration

With our robust API, our wire system effortlessly integrates with any core provider, ensuring swift and hassle-free implementation.


API Integration

API integration allows our wire system to work seamlessly with top-tier OFAC providers, security modules, teller systems, digital banking platforms, and a wide array of other essential functionalities.


Enterprise Security

Our wire system offers the versatility to interface seamlessly with external security systems, including Windows Active Directory. This adaptability allows for a tailored security approach that aligns perfectly with your institution's unique needs and models.


Transaction History

Get a clear snapshot of your transaction history in seconds with our user-friendly search feature. And for pinpoint precision, easily filter your search to locate precisely what you need.


Automatic Processing

Streamline and enhance your operations by automating custom account, fee, and General Ledger processing. Our system seamlessly integrates with your core's transaction processing system, providing a powerful and efficient solution.


Easy to Use

Experience the effortless convenience of our wire system, designed for intuitive navigation that simplifies a range of tasks. Your employees will seamlessly adapt to this user-friendly interface, requiring minimal training to harness its full potential.

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Robust Reporting

Gather vital data through our wire system’s custom reporting tool. It provides quick access to essential information, allowing you to streamline reconciliations and make informed decisions with ease.


Custom Rules

Empower your institution by creating custom rules that align functionality with your unique requirements. Simplify even the most repetitive tasks to an unprecedented level of ease.

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One Click

Complete critical tasks like wire authorization, handling returns, and initiating draw-down wires with the simple convenience of a single click.


Configure Alerts

Stay informed at every stage by subscribing to alerts that matter most to you – from confirmations and error notifications to wires requiring your attention and beyond.

Still have questions about our wire system? Find all the answers you're looking for on our FAQ page.

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FRB ISO 20022 Advisory Council
FedNow Pilot Program
FedNow ISO 20022 Technical Workgroup

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