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We've built a wire transfer system (EFT GOLD) from the ground up, allowing you to create, review, and handle wires in an intuitive, easy-to-use browser interface. With a direct connection to the Federal Reserve Bank, our system lets you move money quickly and efficiently.

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Unbeatable Features You Can’t Find Anywhere Else
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Compliance is one of our many top priorities. We’re constantly updating EFT GOLD so it’s compliant and ISO 20022 ready.

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Easy to Use

EFT GOLD is an intuitive system that guides you through various tasks. Your employees will be naturally using the software with very little training.

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Any Core

Through our powerful API, EFT GOLD can integrate with any core provider, making implementation a breath of fresh air.

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API Integration

API integration allows EFT GOLD to work seamlessly with best-of-breed OFAC providers, security modules, teller systems, mobile and Internet banking, and much more.

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Enterprise Security

With the ability to interface with external security systems such as Windows Active Directory, EFT GOLD can be tailored to fit your institution’s security model.

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Transaction History

View at-a-glance transaction history in seconds by conducting a simple search. Then, if needed, filter your search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Browser Based

Your customers and employees can now transfer money easier than ever. With a responsive design, your personnel can access EFT GOLD online and on any device.

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One Click

Perform essential tasks like wire authorization, returns, and draw-down wires with just one click.

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Robust Reporting

Gather vital data through EFT GOLD’s custom reporting tool, helping your institution get quick access to the information it needs to reconcile and to make the right decisions.

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Automatic Processing

Automate your custom account, fee, and General Ledger processing with integration to any core’s transaction processing system.

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Custom Rules

Create custom rules to tailor functionality to meet your business requirements and make redundant tasks easier than ever.

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Configure Alerts

Stay informed through every step by creating customized alerts for the things that matter most—confirmations, errors, wires that need attention, and more.

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