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A Content Management System Built for Financial Institutions

Organize, access, and share critical information with ease, so your institution can better connect with those who need your services.

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Key Features of Our Content Management System


Create Beautiful Pages

Craft captivating web pages with BankCMS. Insert links, incorporate images, tables, headings, bullets, and more to design tailor-made pages that seamlessly align with your institution's marketing strategy.


Multiple Users

Unlock the potential for more frequent website updates by trusted members of your organization. Easily grant them the permission to create, edit, or publish content, ensuring your website stays dynamic and up-to-date.


Responsive Design

BankCMS ensures a seamless experience across diverse devices. Your site is meticulously designed to function flawlessly on various screen resolutions, spanning from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers.



Before publishing a page on your website, take a moment to preview it, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your vision, design, and objectives.


Organized Media Library

Organize files, such as images, PDFs, audio, and video in the Media Library. Easily store and change files when needed.



The FPS GOLD staff stands ready to rapidly assist you with any content customization, large or small. We'll guide you through every step along the way.


Custom Forms

Use the BankCMS custom form tool to create forms tailored to your institution's unique needs. Whether you're collecting new contact information or any other data, BankCMS has you covered.



If you like, categorize every piece of content on your page, making it simpler for users to locate specific information. This feature is especially valuable for content-rich applications.



BankCMS resides on FPS GOLD's secure servers, which are continuously monitored and tested. This commitment guarantees that our servers are consistently updated, providing a safe and secure environment for your data.


Server Backup

We conduct routine backups for every BankCMS server, safeguarding your data against catastrophic and irreparable corruption. Your information is always secure and recoverable.



BankCMS simplifies website management for anyone within your institution. Simply locate the section of the website you wish to modify and make your changes. Your modifications will go live as soon as an authorized approver clicks "Publish."

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Audit Support

Multiple versions provide great support for website audits. This allows you to recover deleted content, revert to previous versions, or maintain drafts.

What Customers Say About Our Content Management System

  • "FPS GOLD did a complete overhaul of our website giving it the strong local identity we wanted and much greater functionality. Now we can quickly and easily make website changes, adjusting loan and deposit interest rates, and offering various financial products to customers.  FPS GOLD has been easy to work with, responds quickly when we need help, and is reasonably priced."
    Andrew J. West
  • "Having utilized BankCMS for the past 5 years, the ability to make your own edits without the need of another party and extra charges is an added plus to our organization. Making quick changes does not require a work request that may take several days to complete. We as a bank like having control of the content shown on our marketing site. Overall the experience has been great!"
    Ricardo Perez
    President and COO

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