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EFT GOLD Short Demos

EFT GOLD Introduction

In this video, we give you a quick overview of some of the key features of EFT GOLD and what it looks like. To see how to perform certain tasks within EFT GOLD please watch the additional videos.

How to Create a Wire in EFT GOLD

In this video, we show you all the ways your financial institution can create a wire in EFT GOLD. Any type of wire can be sent through EFT GOLD. Simply fill in the required information, and you're done.

How to Track Wire Data in EFT GOLD

In this video, we show you all the ways your financial institution can track wire data in EFT GOLD. View current or historical data, filter through it, print it, download it, and so much more.

How to Create a Recurring Wire from a Template

In this video, we show you how to create templates for recurring wires. After a template is approved, simply go to the template section of EFT GOLD, click on the saved template you want, and modify any of the fields specific to this wire (such as the amount and reference number). Templates in EFT GOLD are simple and save you valuable time.

How to Upload and Import Wire Information

In this video, we show you all the ways your financial institution can upload and import wire information from another system, such as an online banking platform, loan origination software, and more.

How Easy Is It to Interface EFT GOLD with Your Core System?

In this video, we explore the seamless integration of EFT GOLD with your core system. EFT GOLD effortlessly handles input from multiple sources, and interfaces with the core system at different lifecycle stages of the wire, streamlining data entry, ensuring data accuracy, and automating transactions, eliminating the need for manual core system actions. EFT GOLD takes care of these processes automatically, relieving you of any concerns.

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