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Run Your Bank Seamlessly and Efficiently with GOLDTeller

FPS GOLD’s proprietary teller system is fully integrated with all our core products. Robust security options allow you to further design your teller system based on profiles and job duties. Tellers can format screens to their preference and accomplish all their daily tasks faster and easier.

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Eliminate Wasted Time and Energy

With the GOLDTeller system, your tellers will be able to work smarter, not harder so they can service customers more efficiently.

Remote Override

Remote Override allows a teller to send a transaction electronically to another authorized employee for an override. Management and authorized employees can then approve transactions from their own computers. Remote override can be used bank-wide, and overrides can be sent from branch to branch.

Bond Cashing

With bond cashing, you can process one or multiple bond redemptions. Calculations are automated based on bond face values and date cashed, helping generate a document and customer receipt detailing all redemptions and bonds cashed. Automated 1099INT forms are created for tracking and IRS requirements and are updated throughout the year based on the SSN used on the Bond Cashing transaction.

MICR Check Printing

Customize MICR check printing for your organization’s cashier’s checks, bank checks, teller checks, and money orders. Use blank check stock to eliminate the need for preprinted and/or prenumbered check stock. Create your own check layout that includes the bank logo and a printable authorized signature at the time the check is printed.

View Signatures and Driver Licenses

Help eliminate fraud and teller stress by viewing customer signatures and/or driver licenses. Tellers can easily identify customers at the time of transaction. When the teller enters or selects an account, the customer’s signature and/or driver license is displayed for the teller to review.

Notice of Delayed Availability

Based on your organization’s funds holds procedures, this form can be automatically created for the exception funds holds that may need to be placed by your tellers. When this FDIC-compliant form is used in conjunction with a teller transaction, customer information, dates, and amounts are prefilled on the form to accommodate the customer and teller.

Currency Transaction Report (CTR)

Automate CTR tracking and printing for BSA reporting. Multiple options are available to use large transaction limits, dates, and reporting. Large transaction and cash reporting can easily be integrated with third-party reporting agencies.

Multiple Transactions

With Multiple Transactions, you can make a deposit to a customer’s savings account and checking account, post a loan payment, and give cash back, all in one transaction. Easily input the funding amount and process transactions together while the system tracks the balancing.

Offline Processing

Our teller system accommodates offline transaction processing. If your Internet service provider ever goes down, transactions will be stored locally. Once service is restored, your tellers can easily forward already-completed transactions and balance their cash drawer.

Transaction Interrupt

Transaction Interrupt allows a teller to pause a transaction and start another. When the teller is ready to complete the original transaction, they can pick up where they left off and complete the transaction.

FPS GOLD’s software is an unstoppable force when used together.

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The ease of customization FPS allows is great! It allows the bank to have a say on how the software should perform to maximize the bank's efforts within the market it operates in.  


Ricardo Perez
VP/Main Branch Manager
1st Bank Yuma


Core Banking

Our core system helps cut data processing costs, adds greater flexibility, improves productivity, and integrates systems.

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Bank customers can check their balance, deposit checks, move money, and more at any time, anywhere, and on any device.

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FPS GOLD will help you design, test, optimize, and host your marketing website. Then you can focus on managing the content.

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