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Deposit Account Openings Made Easy

Impress new customers with the speed and personal touch your bank offers when setting up a new account.

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Make a Better Connection with Those You Serve

Help your new account representatives feel at ease as you walk them through the account origination and maintenance process.

Open New Accounts Your Way

Adaptable to your unique bank needs, the New Account Platform provides customized scripting for each product and feature you offer, so you can see information specific to your institution. New Account Platform takes multiple core options and molds them to your individual needs, making the setup and account opening process fast and simple.

One Stop

Opening a new account is effortless. Everything you need to open and maintain an account is in one place. No need for extra steps or to go to another system to complete account maintenance and fund account openings. All requirements for customer verification, check ordering, imaging documents, signature capture, account customization, customer requests, and account funding are right at your fingertips.

Minimize Decision Making

With the New Account Platform, simply select the product you want to open, and the rest is a customized, predetermined workflow. This removes the burden of having to remember important requirements. Documents, disclosure selections, and correct monetary transactions are set up for each product and feature requested.

Seamless Integration to all Deposit Systems

All deposit products and features are easily incorporated in a seamless workflow. This makes it easy for you to fulfill mandatory requirements or one-time customer requests. Deposit functions such as retirement plans and all retirement regulatory needs, safe deposit box setup, overdraft setup, combined statements, check ordering, and online account opening are all easily adapted to the New Account Platform System to meet your bank offerings.

Quick Customer Setup and Retrieval

Retrieve customer information and view customer relationships with a single entry, eliminating numerous searches. New or modified names are automatically run through an OFAC check and can be verified for fraud and validity. If the name does not meet the requirements, the customer information can be removed from permanent entry on the system. This prohibits orphaned name information on your data file.

Create New Products or Add New Features

Easily incorporate any new requests, additions, or changes to Platform. This allows you to activate and use new products and features as soon as you need them, so you stay competitive. Knowledgeable FPS GOLD staff will ensure all facets of the product and feature requirements are met for successful account openings.


Our system helps your bank stay current and compliant. The New Account Platform is regularly updated to meet new regulations and provides automated notifications, directions, and training for new regulatory requirements. As new account information is entered, mandatory compliance processes such as OFAC are completed. Other non-regulatory verification can be added based on your procedures.

Eliminate Duplicate Entry

Customer and account data is entered once. The information is updated to all deposit systems for account opening, card setup, retirement plans, safe deposit boxes, online banking, and others. This eliminates redundant data entry, reducing keystrokes, time, and errors, keeping all your data clean and organized.

Account Changes

It’s inevitable—changes to an account are going to happen. With Platform, make quick maintenance changes, provide proper disclosures and documentation, and complete account funding, all in one streamlined step.

FPS GOLD’s software is an unstoppable force when used together.

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The ease of customization FPS allows is great! It allows the bank to have a say on how the software should perform to maximize the bank's efforts within the market it operates in.  


Ricardo Perez
VP/Main Branch Manager
1st Bank Yuma


Core Banking

Our core system helps cut data processing costs, adds greater flexibility, improves productivity, and integrates systems.

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Mobile & Internet


Bank customers can check their balance, deposit checks, move money, and more at any time, anywhere, and on any device.

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Wire Transfer System

Our powerful wire transfer system allows you to create, review, and handle wires in an easy-to-use browser interface.

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Content Management

FPS GOLD will help you design, test, optimize, and host your marketing website. Then you can focus on managing the content.

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