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Websites Can Be a Pain to Manage

That's why our content management system allows you to manage your website with ease, helping you be a banker again.

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Your Current Process for Updating Your Website Is Inefficient

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We Understand That You’re Not an Expert at Web Development

That's why we have a dedicated team to assist you.

icons8-hand-peace-144 Peace Of Mind

Our goal is to make website management easy for anyone. Instead of relying on a vendor, you are in control of your content and your website.

icons8-team-144 Multiple Users

Accessible by multiple users, your website can be updated more frequently by employees you trust within your institution. Grant them permissions to create, edit, or publish content.

icons8-technical-support-144 Support

The FPS GOLD staff stands ready to rapidly assist you with any content customization, large or small. We'll guide you through every step along the way.

icons8-filing-cabinet-144 Organized Media Library

Organize media files, such as images, PDFs, audio, and video in the Media Library. Easily store and change files when needed.

icons8-web-144 Create Beautiful Pages

Build eye-catching pages through BankCMS. You can insert links, add images, tables, headings, bullets, etc., to create specific pages that align with your institution’s marketing strategy.

icons8-analyze-144 Preview

Before you push a page live to the site, preview it to make sure it fits well with your vision, design, and goals.

icons8-form-144 Custom Forms

Use the BankCMS custom form tool to create forms that fit your institution's needs. Whether it’s capturing new contact information or something else, BankCMS can do it for you.

icons8-audit-144 Audit Support

Multiple versions provide great support for website audits. This allows you to un-delete content, use previous versions of content, or maintain drafts.

icons8-multiple-devices-144 Responsive Design

All BankCMS sites are designed with multiple devices in mind. Your BankCMS site will work in multiple screen resolutions, from phones to tablets to desktops.

icons8-network-drive-144 Hosting

BankCMS is hosted on FPS GOLD's secure servers, which are continuously monitored and undergo regular rigorous testing to ensure they are up to date, safe, and secure.

icons8-data-backup-144 Server Backup

Each BankCMS server undergoes a regular backup to ensure data never encounters a catastrophic, unrecoverable corruption.

icons8-tags-144 Categorization

If you like, categorize every piece of content on the page so users can find certain information easier. This is typically used for more content-heavy applications.

icons8-easy-144 Easy

BankCMS makes it easy for virtually anyone at your institution to manage and update your marketing website. Find the piece of the website you want to change, make the change, and publish. It's that easy.

icons8-f1-car-144 Fast

Take care of business right away. When you need to make a change, log in and make the change yourself. It will be live as soon as a designated approver clicks "Publish."

icons8-protect-144 Secure

Our IT professionals keep your site up to date with the latest security. Get all the security of the FPS GOLD platform, including encryption protection, regular audits, and overview.

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FPS GOLD did a complete overhaul of our website giving it the strong local identity we wanted and much greater functionality. Now we can quickly and easily make website changes, adjusting loan and deposit interest rates, and offering various financial products to customers.  FPS GOLD has been easy to work with, responds quickly when we need help, and is reasonably priced.   

Andrew J. West
President/CEO | Eagle Bank

Having utilized BankCMS for the past 5 years, the ability to make your own edits without the need of another party and extra charges is an added plus to our organization. Making quick changes does not require a work request that may take several days to complete. We as a bank like having control of the content shown on our marketing site. Overall the experience has been great!

Ricardo Perez
SVP, Operations Administrator | 1st Bank Yuma
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