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Forge Strong Bonds Through a Strong CRM

Our CRM is designed to help financial institutions unlock the true potential of customer relationships, creating meaningful, personalized connections that last.


Connect with Your Customers on a Whole New Level


Customer Profile

We provide a powerful customer profile each employee can use when doing business with the customer. With this profile, employees can quickly identify the value or the potential value of the customer.


Combined Customer Data

Centralize all customer account data for quick access. Find deposit and loan accounts, mobile and online banking profiles, addresses, ATM and debit cards, and more in one place. No more juggling multiple systems – access what you need effortlessly.


Link Relationships

Display all key entities, such as organizations, persons, locations, accounts, safe deposit boxes, bank cards, and others. You can link entities and view these linked relationships easily.



Assess customer value, target your marketing efforts, and generate insightful profitability reports. Customize your criteria, assign profit grades to each customer, and gain instant insights with color-coded profitability ratings and interactive customer information pop-ups.



All your customer information is integrated with the lending, deposit, and eBanking modules. This means that any action you take in one platform will automatically sync across all others, simplifying the process of maintaining clean and up-to-date customer information.

Explore Our Other Products

Core Banking | CoreView

Our core system helps cut data processing costs, adds greater flexibility, improves productivity, and integrates systems.

Digital Banking

Customers can check their balance, deposit checks, move money, and more at any time, anywhere, and on any device.

Wire Transfer | EFT GOLD

Our powerful wire transfer system allows you to create, review, and handle wires in an easy-to-use browser interface.


FPS GOLD will help you design, test, optimize, and host your marketing website. Then you can focus on managing the content.

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