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A Banking Dashboard that Transforms Data into Strategy

Deliver information to the right people at the right time to optimize decisions, enhance efficiency, and accelerate bottom-line results.

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Customizable Bank Reporting Software


Executive Dashboard

Make important executive-level decisions easily with VitalView, FPS GOLD’s premier reporting tool. VitalView provides your institution with a vast collection of data for trend analysis, board reporting, and decision making in customized, colorful, and interactive charts and graphs.


Ad Hoc

Quickly and simply build ad hoc reports to gather data from loans, deposits, eBanking, the General Ledger, and customer information. FPS GOLD provides your institution with the potential to understand your customers completely.


Easy Access

Each institution employee has immediate access to a variety of reports. Whether scheduled reports set to automatically generate or custom reports created that moment, all reports can easily be viewed, printed, emailed, or downloaded.


Document Imaging/File Management

Finally get rid of all those paper files! All your documents—images, emails, PDF, text, word-processing files, and more—can be stored electronically and linked to accounts and/or customers with our document imaging tools. Then you can easily access, index, move, export, edit, print, email, or delete files.


Third-Party Reporting Integration

Do you already love a third-party reporting tool? No problem. FPS GOLD can easily integrate with third-party reporting platforms through a simple API.

Explore Our Other Products

Core Banking | CoreView

Our core system helps cut data processing costs, adds greater flexibility, improves productivity, and integrates systems.

Digital Banking

Customers can check their balance, deposit checks, move money, and more at any time, anywhere, and on any device.

Wire Transfer | EFT GOLD

Our powerful wire transfer system allows you to create, review, and handle wires in an easy-to-use browser interface.


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