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The FPS GOLD accounting product suite includes accounts payable, fixed assets, and payroll management systems that post real time to a powerful general ledger application.

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Track Your Bank's Financial Health

Accurate accounting is crucial to any business's success. With it, you can ensure your bank is headed in the right direction for the future.

Excellent Financial Reporting

Customize your financial statements and reports to display actual, budget, and average balances as well as include calculations to compute variances, percentage changes, and key ratios. These reports can be run in real time based on graphical Organizational Charts to consolidate or individually report entity and subsidiary information.

Rapid General Ledger Entries

Import journal entries from a spreadsheet, utilize a quick chart of accounts lookup function, and post in real time to the General Ledger. Users can also quickly make any changes needed to journal entries after the entries have been posted. With the proper user security, transactions can be transferred to other G/L accounts, dropped, or changed to update fields such as the effective date, description, or amount.

Flexible Year-end Closings

Because there is no firm cutoff date for year-end closing in the General Ledger, the close balances to next-year function may be performed as many times as necessary, and even by branch. This gives users as much time as needed to perform year-end closing journal entries.

Pay Vendors Via ACH

Pay Accounts Payable vendors via ACH and send email payment notifications. In addition, controls can be set up to require approvals on all payments with the option to have a second approval based on payments above a specified threshold.

Repost Depreciation

Use the Fixed Assets system to calculate depreciation for a period multiple times before posting real time to the General Ledger. You can also modify the useful life or basis of a Fixed Asset item easily. In the event that depreciation needs to be reposted, you can quickly and easily drop any previous postings and repost depreciation for the current or previous periods.

Blank Check Stock Capable

Accounts Payable checks are completely customized for each institution and can be used with any check or check stub. Because of this, checks can be generated on preprinted or blank check stock, with system-printed MICR line, logos, and a signature line based on a monetary threshold.

Streamlined Check Reconciliation

Check transactions from the FPS GOLD Core applications perform real-time updates of issued, voided, and cleared check information in a Check Reconciliation system with Positive Pay fraud protection. Many tools are available within this Check Reconciliation system to help you balance outstanding checks to the General Ledger.

Customized Transaction Mapping

You control the mapping and posting (in Detail or Summary) of Teller, Deposit, Loan, eBanking, and Electronic Funds Transfer transactions to the General Ledger. Various options exist to control how transactions are being summarized in the General Ledger to streamline the reconciliation of various G/L Accounts (such as correspondent bank, cash-on-hand, or outstanding check G/Ls).

FPS GOLD’s software is an unstoppable force when used together.

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The ease of customization FPS allows is great! It allows the bank to have a say on how the software should perform to maximize the bank's efforts within the market it operates in.  


Ricardo Perez
VP/Main Branch Manager
1st Bank Yuma


Core Banking

Our core system helps cut data processing costs, adds greater flexibility, improves productivity, and integrates systems.

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Mobile & Internet


Bank customers can check their balance, deposit checks, move money, and more at any time, anywhere, and on any device.

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Wire Transfer System

Our powerful wire transfer system allows you to create, review, and handle wires in an easy-to-use browser interface.

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Content Management

FPS GOLD will help you design, test, optimize, and host your marketing website. Then you can focus on managing the content.

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