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May 21, 2019

Is Your Bank Experiencing These 4 Pains? Then You Definitely Need a Content Management System.

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Providing your customers and potential prospects with a great website experience is crucial in today’s world. We live in a world of information where we can Google whatever we want to find our answer in a matter of seconds. That’s why it’s more than important for your bank to be creating special offers, education content, and beautiful landing pages that’ll keep your customers interested, engaged, and coming back for more. But to help you manage and create this content, you'll need a solid content management system that works well for your bank’s needs.

A content management system, or CMS, is a software program you can use to create and manage content for your marketing website. With a CMS, you can easily

  • update content,
  • integrate with task management tools,
  • access it anywhere, and
  • improve collaboration among your Web content writers and other key employees.

In other words, a good CMS can ease the pain of creating and maintaining a great website. However, not all content management systems are created equal. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a CMS.

1. Allows for Multiple Users

If more than one person creates content for your website, you’ll need a CMS that supports multiple users. For example, FPS GOLD's BankCMS product makes it easy for multiple users to update your website content as much as you need. This gives you the control to grant specific bank employees permission to edit, create, and publish new content to your bank's website or blog. This, in turn, gives your employees the opportunity to think more creatively and come up with new ideas. New ideas that will help retain and bring in more customers.

2. Add-Ons Are Expensive

Some people buy a basic CMS and add features to it after the fact, but that really only works when your website is very simple and you want to experiment with different and new features. However, if you keep adding features individually, your CMS will soon cost more than you expected. Instead of focusing on a CMS that only gives you partial packages, do your research and consider a CMS that's specialized for the banking industry. For instance, the FPS GOLD® BankCMS offers several features to help you stay within your marketing budget. These features include custom forms that capture information about new contacts, tailored landing pages for special offers, and more. It even provides audit support to ensure your website is fully optimized.

BankCMS also features a responsive design that supports your content across multiple devices and a server backup to ensure your information stays safe in the event of a disaster. You can also stay organized with its categorization feature and organized media library to help you easily store image, audio, and video files and label content based on category.

3. Your CMS Needs High Levels of Security

Hacking continues at an all-time high, and banks are expected to use security best practices to protect their customers' and company's information. If your CMS doesn't include first-rate security features, you may be putting your bank customers at risk. The FPS GOLD BankCMS product is the solution to secure hosting. It's monitored continuously with comprehensive testing to ensure your content is safe.

4. Your CMS Must Be Fast

It’s important to convey the right message to your audience, so you should always be looking for ways to optimize your website by testing and updating. If your CMS lags when your team members enter updates for your website, time is wasted. Consider opting for a CMS that works seamlessly in real time. With BankCMS, you can expect an easy-to-update system that's fast and reliable. If you ever need to make a quick update or edit to the website, the change can go live as soon as you click publish.

Final Thoughts

Managing content for your bank’s website can get overwhelming if you're using outdated systems and technology. Luckily, you don't have to manage content on your own when using a robust CMS. If your website is a pain to manage, you now know it's time to acquire a CMS that can cure the pain. If you’d like to learn more about FPS GOLD and our BankCMS product, give us a call or fill out our form by clicking here.

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